Sunday, August 23, 2009

Artwork and photography

After quite a few inquiries from interested artists and much discussion, the editors of Litany have decided to also consider submissions of both artwork and photography for the upcoming issue.

These submissions may be used as either the main issue image (the "cover" of the online journal) or as "interior" images to set-up the writing genres/tables of content. In the event that we decide to publish an annual chapbook of the "best of the best" creative writing, the images used for each issue will be considered as a potential "cover" image there as well.

These contributions will fall under the same standard copyrights that apply to written submissions.

Images should be submitted via a single email with a descriptive paragraph about each one included in the body of the email message. The images themselves should be attached as .jpg files. Please use the subject line "Image Submission: Your Real Name" when contributing artwork or photography.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Now reading for the Fall 2009 issue

The poem as prayer is one of literature’s earliest traditions. Regardless of the form it takes, there is measure to such poetry, a pulse of prayer through which the lifeblood of its recitations, and accompanying contemplations, flows through the petitioner. Litany seeks to convey tempo, mood, and energy through an organization of content that is reminiscent of such celebrated, literary petitions.

Situating the context of each poem's exposition so that it becomes linked with those that precede and follow it, we seek an intentional blurring of the sacred and the profane in the journal. Our goal is to allow each utterance to function as both itself and also as part of the larger cadence embracing the polyphony existent in all literature; these enumerations will form a refrain, a repetition of metaphor, a litany of images that are intended to evoke a mental response from our readers.

Litany will be published electronically three times a year. For our inaugural issue we ask our readers to consider the topic "economy" in all its connotations and uses. Poetry and flash fiction that examine life with this concept in mind will be considered until October 15, 2009. Submissions may be sent to the editors at Send up to three (3) poems or (3) pieces of flash fiction under 500 words. Send your submission in the body of a single email message with the subject line "Litany Submission: Your real name" where "Your real name" is your actual name and not the name of your email account.

Do not send attachments. Also, please refrain from sending more work for consideration until you have received an acceptance or rejection email from the editors. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but not previously published work. Please include a short biographical statement not exceeding 50 words with your submission. If a submission is accepted for publication, authors will be notified by email shortly after the submission period's deadline.

By submitting works for consideration, authors acknowledge that the works submitted are their own original works and are products of their own design. Litany retains First North American Serial Rights, First Electronic Rights, and Electronic Archival Rights. All other rights to works appearing in Litany will revert back to authors upon publication. We ask acknowledgment for works subsequently published elsewhere after initially appearing in Litany.

A final note: We are particularly interested in works which present creative, alternative views that may otherwise fall outside the margins of mainstream literature. We do not focus on perspectives from within any religious traditions; instead, we invite recursive dialogue with all who are interested in exploring the world through words.